ANTH 689 Mediterranean Pottery

Fall 2004 / Dr. Deborah Carlson

Assignment #3

For this third and final (!) class project you will prepare a catalog entry for two decorated vases (attached, though each of you will receive two different vessels). Your entry should be organized as a narrative, and though you cannot provide measurements, characterize fabrics, or discuss details of colored decoration, you should make every effort to address:

A) Vessel shape, including descriptions of [potentially] diagnostic features such as im shape, treatment of foot, overall body shape, and added decorative elements.

B) Decoration, including subject matter, ornament, style and execution. Can you draw hypotheses about the identity of the figures and/or the scene? Donít forget those especially diagnostic elements like hands, feet, and eyes.

C) Date, as precise as you can provide with confidence.

D) Origin and Parallels, which will likely require you to peruse some of the more general sources listed in the Bibliography (Beazley, Boardman, Cook, etc.), and for which you may choose to cite vases in the CVA series. The CVA can be navigated easily using Carpenter and Mannackís Summary Guide to Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (NK4640 C6 Z95 2000), which is on reserve at Evans Library.

This assignment is due in class on Wednesday, November 10.