Abbreviations used below:


AGRP             Ancient Greek and Related Pottery: Proceedings of the International Vase Symposium in Amsterdam, 12-15 April 1984, edited by H.A.G. Brijder.  Amsterdam: Allard Pierson (1984).

AJA                 American Journal of Archaeology

BSA                Annual of the British School at Athens

JRA                 Journal of Roman Archaeology

PLPD              Pots for the Living, Pots for the Dead, edited by A. Rathje, M. Nielsen, and B. Rasmussen.  Acta Hyperborea 9.  Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum (2002).

RAG         Recherches sur les amphores grecques, edited by J.-Y. Empereur and Y. Garlan.  BCH Suppl. 13.  Paris: De Boccard (1986).


Weekly Schedule:


(1)        W        Sep 1               Pottery in Archaeology

Casson, S.  1938.  “The modern pottery trade in the Aegean.”  Antiquity 12:464-73.

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(2)        W        Sep 8               The Bronze Age

For this week’s quiz on the principal Greek vase shapes see Clark et al. 2002,

65-155; Cook 1997, 207-29; Kanowski 1984; Sparkes 1991, 80-92. 

Future quiz material will be taken from relevant assigned readings.


Cycladic Pottery

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Minoan Pottery

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Mycenaean Pottery

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Committee for Archaeology.


Canaanite Amphoras

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(3)        W        Sep 15             Iron Age Greece and Cyprus

Boardman 1998, 13-82; Cook 1997, 5-38; Rasmussen & Spivey 1991, 37-56.

Iron Age Greece

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Iron Age Cyprus

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(4)        W        Sep 22             Techniques for Analysis and Recording

Today’s class will include a tour of TAMU’s Elemental Analysis Laboratory by Lab director Dr. William D. (Dennis) James.  Please come prepared with questions in mind!

 Jones, R.E.  1984.  “Greek Potters’ Clays: Questions of Selection, Availability, and Adaptation.”  In AGRP, 21-30.

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(5)        W        Sep 29             Corinth and Punic North Africa

Cook 1997, 41-63; Rasmussen & Spivey 1991, 57-78; Whitbread 1995, 255-308; Lawall

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(6)        W        Oct 6               The Western Mediterranean           

Lawall 1995, 255-68; Rasmussen & Spivey 1991, 131-50.

Bats, M.  1990.  Les amphores de Marseille grecque: chronologie et diffusion (Vie-Ier s.    

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(7)        W        Oct 13             East Greek

Boardman 1998, 141-51; Rasmussen & Spivey 1991, 203-32; Whitbread 1995, 122-209;

            Lawall 1995, 48-56 and 88-217.

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(8)        W        Oct 20             No class


(9)        W        Oct 27             Attic

Cook 1997, 63-88 and 155-78; Boardman 1974, 1975, 1989; Lawall 1995, 34-47.

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SOS Amphoras

Jones 1986, 706-12.

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Amphorae.”  Bulletin antike beschaving 66:45-9.      

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(10)      W        Nov 3              Hellenistic Greece

Cook 1997, 193-205; Rasmussen & Spivey 1991, 183-202; Whitbread 1995, 51-121.

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(11)      W        Nov 10                        Roman Italy

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(12)      W        Nov 17                        Field Trip to San Antonio Museum of Art


(13)      W        Nov 24                        The Roman Provinces

Adan-Bayewitz, D.  1993.  Common Pottery in Roman Galilee: A Study of Local Trade.

Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University Press.

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 (14)     W        Dec 1               Late Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval

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