2004 Images



2004 Season
View of the H.C.M.R.'s R/V Aegaeo
View of the R/V Aegaeo's stern
Lanes and area for which bathymetric and other data was collected
The submersible Thetis and the Max Rover positioned on the stern of the R/V Aegaeo
The Thetis being launched for a dive
The submersible Thetis returning from an evening dive
The ROV Max Rover being lowered onto the deck
The ROV Max Rover
The ROV Max Rover returning from a night dive
A classical amphora on deck
Locating a classical amphora on the sea floor with the submersible Thetis
Raising a classical amphora with the submersible Thetis
The jar that contained the sauroter on deck
Using the submersible Thetis to raise the jar that containined the sauroter
The mouth of the jar that contained the sauroter

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