Nautical Archaeology of the Americas


3rd Assignment




Anthropology 318 - Nautical Archaeology of the Americas
Assignment No. 3 - Spring 2006

Draw a map of the Eastern and Southern Coasts of North America, including the Great Lakes Region (from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River to Florida, and from the Mississippi River to Atlantic Coast) showing the location of the following colonies and features:

1) Ohio and St. Lawrence Rivers;
2) Roanoke;
3) Jamestown;
4) Bermuda;
5) New Amsterdam;
6) Massachusetts, Plymouth, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina;
7) Montreal, Quebec City, Port Royal and Louisbourg (Canada);
8) The Hudson River - Lake George - Lake Champlain - Richelieu River corridor;
9) New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Yorktown,
10) Shipwreck places and years of Sea Venture, Brown's Ferry, Ronson Ship, Machault, Defence, Monitor, Eagle, Jefferson, Hamilton and Scourge.