Cais do Sodré Ship

Building a model of the Cais do Sodré ship's frames


During the summers of 2001 and 2002 two teams of students from the Texas A&M University Nautical Archaeology Program produced a full set of drawings of each floor timber preserved on the Cais do Sodré hull.


These drawings were then inked, scanned, and graphically treated in a computer in order to be printed to any particular scale.

The next step was to print each of these sets of drawings to a 1/20 scale and fashion each of these frames into a soft wood. 

Fig. 1 - Frames at a 1/20 scale.


Fig. 2 - Stern section of the shipwreck..


Fig. 3 - Bow section of the shipwreck.


These 1/20 scale floor timbers of the Cais do Sodré shipwreck were then mounted on a keel with individual aluminum pins.

Fig. 4 - Floor timbers mounted on the keel.


Fig. 5 - View from the stern.


Fig. 6 - Another view from the stern.


Fig. 7 - View from the bow.


Once faired, these frames will be kept in place with ribbands.

As soon as the drawings of the preserved futtocks will be ready the model will be completed.




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