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Director: Filipe Vieira de Castro, Frederick R. Mayer Professor II of Nautical Archaeology

Nautical Archaeology Program, 105 Anthropology Building, College Station, TX 77843-4352, USA. Telephone: (979) 845-5242. Fax: (979) 845-4070. Email: fvcastro@tamu.edu

"At the university of Chicago I was lucky enough to go through a general education program devised by Robert M. Hutchins, where science was presented as an integral part of the gorgeous tapestry of human knowledge. It was considered unthinkable for an aspiring physicist not to know Plato, Aristotle, Bach, Shakespeare, Gibbon, Malinowski, and Freud - among many others."

Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World, New York: Balantine Books, 1997:xiv-xv.

The ShipLab was created by J. Richard Steffy in 1976 and today is one of the laboratories of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation of the Anthropology Department at Texas A&M University.

Its mission is to acquire and disseminate knowledge about shipbuilding through time. As a classroom its main objective is to provide an effective learning environment.

As a research laboratory its objective is to facilitate investigation, seek public and private research funds, and recruit and retain quality students for its projects.

As an outreach institution it aims to provide information, education, and guidance about the discipline of nautical archaeology and the importance of the world's submerged cultural heritage, perhaps more than ever threatened by treasure hunting.


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