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CMAC Lecture Series

Since it's creation, in 2005, the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation invites leading scholars to visit, work, and lecture at Texas A&M University's Nautical Archaeology, providing our students with oportunities to meet them and discuss their work.





Mauro Bondioli (Nov. 22nd - Nov. 30th 2005)

Tim Runyan


Frank Cantelas





Ab Hoving (April 3rd - April 7th 2006)

Edward von Der Porten


Francisco Contente Domingues


Albrecht Sauer


Nuno Fonseca


Tomás Vacas




Fred Hocker


Olof Pipping





W. van Duivenvoorde (Jan. 15th - Jan 19th 2007)


F.C. Domingues (Feb. 16th - Feb. 23rd 2007)


Bridget Buxton (Mar. 19th - 23rd 2007)


Patrice Pomey (Oct. 29th to Nov. 1st. 2007)


Eric Rieth (Oct. 29th to Nov. 1st. 2007)


Richard Gould (Nov 26th to 28th 2007)


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