Arade 2 Shipwreck: CPAS' Arade 2 Shipwreck

Although we know that the captain of the dredge Mark dived on this shipwreck - from which the gun seen aboard the dredge by locals is said to have come[1] - it had been completely covered by a SW storm when the team from CPAS visited the site, and there is no information on this ship.

Mr. Alberto Machado found an interesting clue for the localization of this shipwreck on a map with the water depths taken in 1977, long after the dredging works of 1970.  Close to the place where CPAS' report placed the Arade 2 shipwreck, this map shows a rather pronounced mound projecting from the natural embankment.  Future surveys may unveil the position of this ship.


Fig. 51 - CPAS' Arade 2. Map from 1977 showing its possible position.[2]


[1] Luis Sacramento personal communication to Dr. Alves.

[2] From GEO archives.