Arade 6 Shipwreck: FPAS' Arade 2 Shipwreck

This ship is perhaps the most interesting of all the wrecks reported found in the Arade mouth.  Built lapstrake according to the reports, it was immediately reported as a Viking ship, and was the reason why sketches, pictures, and wooden samples ended up in Roskilde.

A sketch made at the time by Helder Mendes shows a vessel deeply embedded in the silt with a depth in hold over 2 m half chewed by the dredge, and hanging on the slope.


  Fig. 52 - F.P.A.S.' Arade 2.  Sketch made in the 1970s by Helder Mendes.


It is hard to say how accurate these sketches are. For example, it should be mentioned that the lapstrake planking is represented inverted in Mr. Mendes' sketch.

A wood sample taken by Helder Mendes was sent to Groningen, in the Netherlands, and was dated by radiocarbon to the mid-16th century.  Corrected with the calibration curves in present use, this date corresponds to a mid-17th century shipwreck.[1]

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