Stem Post

Considering its gentle curve upwards and the absence any of any rudder remains, its was decided to call the post preserved on the east side of the wreck stem post.


Fig. 1 - Preliminary profile of the stempost.


Fig. 2 - Stempost section.


Since the hull was not disassembled, and the upper portion was too corroded away to allow any understanding of its geometry, it was not possible to observe the stempost section.  The section presented above does not show rabbets, although it is very likely that these do exist.


Fig. 3 - View of the stempost (photo: Alberto Machado).


It is possible that it was fastened to the keel with a flat vertical scarf.  Again, only the disassembly of what seems like an apron standing over the forward most section of the keel and stempost will allow us to observe it.


Citation Information:
Filipe Castro, ShipLab Report 5 - Arade 1 / 2002 Field Season, Vol. 2, 2002, World Wide Web, URL,, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University.