A Tentative Reconstruction of the Pepper Wreck


A reconstruction of the hull of the Pepper Wreck was proposed, based on the main dimensions of the ship's remains and on the contemporary lists of dimensions and proportions. Below are a few drawings with the basic dimensions of this ship, as reconstructed. Further work on this project is presented on the "Reconstructing an India Nau Project," the "Virtual Nau Project," and the "Virtual Tour Project."


Fig. 1 - First Reconstruction (2001): Lines Drawing ofthe portion of the hull preserved



Fig. 2 - First Reconstruction (2001): Lines Drawing



Fig. 3 - Second Reconstruction (2004): Basic Dimensions



 Fig. 4 - Length: Basic Measurements



 Fig. 5 - Decks: Basic Measurements



 Fig. 6 - Rigging: Basic Measurements