Randall J. SASAKI


1995 Graduate from Oberin High School in Tokyo, Japan

1999 Graduate from Southwest Missouri State University. BA (Double Major) in Anthropology and Antiquities

2002 Attend Texas A&M University in College Station, TX (Nautical Archaeology Program)



1999-2001 Center for Archaeological Research in Missouri (Curation, Site Survey, and Excavation of CRM sites)

2001-2002 Archaeological Consulting and Services in Wisconsin (Curation, Site Survey, and Excavation of CRM sites)


Project Directed

2004-5 4000 Junks Project (Recording Timbers from the Wrecks of Kublai Khan's Fleet)

(With Support of INA at Texas A&M, RPM Nautical Foundation, and KOSUWA)

New Project in Preparation

A Survey Project in Japan is being planned at this moment starting from 2006


Projects Participated in

1997 Tenjin Yato Iseki: Kanagawa, Japan. ----- Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun Period Settlement

1998 Bold Mountain Archaeological Project: North Calorina. ----- The Archaic Period Occupation Site

1998 Historical Archaeological Field School: Springfield, MO ----- 19th cen Farmstead Excavation

2000 Joint Hadd Project: Ras-al Jins, Oman ----- Bronze Age Coastal Trading Post Settlement

2000 Upper Tigris Area Research Project: Bismil, Turkey ----- Iron, Greek, and Roman Age Settlement

2001 Joint Hadd Project: Ras al-Jins, Oman ----- Bronze Age Coastal Trading Post Settlement

2001 Mahra Archaeological Project: Sayhut, Yemen ----- Iron and Islamic Age Occupation

2002 Big Eddy Site: Stockton, MO ----- Possible Pre-Clovis Site

2003 Faro A: Porturgal ----- English Merchantship Survey

2003 Kozaki Harbor Excavation : Takashima, Japan ----- Mongol Invasion Shipwrecks

2004 Search for Japanese Sub I 400 and I 58 ----- Deep Sea Survey

2004 Kozaki Harbor Excavation: Takashima, Japan ----- Mongol Invasion Shipwrecks


Formal Presentations

2004 "Archaeology of Kamikaze" Guest Speaker at Anthropology Club (Southwest Missouri State University)

2004 "Making Sense of Piles of Junks" Student Research Week: Texas A&M. First Prize Winner.

2004 "The Introduction to Nautical Archaeology and Mongol Invasion (In Japanese)" Guest Speaker at Takashima Elementary School

2005 "The Nautical Archaeology of Kamikaze" The AIA 106th Annual Meeting (Jan)

2005 "Unearthing the fleet of Kublai Khan in the shores of Japan" with George Schwarz. Brown Bag Presentation at Texas A&M University (Feb)

2005 "The Story of Kublai Khan: Personal Invasion?" guest speaker at Peoples and Cultures of the World Class (TAMU) (March)

2005 "Kamikaze --- Not So Divine Wind?" Student Research Week: Texas A&M (March)



2002 Co-authored with Parker, B. J., A. Creekmore, and Eleanor Moseman: "The Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP): Year 2000 Excavations at Kenan Tepe" 23. Kazi SonuçlariToplantisi. Ankara, T.C. Kültür Bakanligi Anitlar ve Müzeler Genel Müdürlü_ü.

2004 "Analysis of Timbers from 2003 Excavation" in Takashima Site Report X: Takashima Board of Education.

2004 Co-authored with Jean-Yves Blot, Tiago Fraga, et al: "Reconstructing the non-existing hull" IPPAR Algarve

2005 "Interview with Dr. Bass" Kyusyu Okinawa Society for Underwater Archaeology Newsletter 19

2005 " Not So Divine Wind" INA Quarterly (Forthcoming)

2005 "Analysis of Timbers from 2004 Excavation" in Takashima Site Report XI: Takashima Board of Education (Forthcoming)

2006 The Result of Timber Analysis of Takashima Underwater Archaeological Site (In Initial Preparation) The result of 4000 Junks Project will be published in Japanese.


Film Appearence

2004 Sen-Toku (Japanese Sub Class I400): with Discovery Channel

2005 The Mongol Invasion of Japan: with Discovery Channel



Ship's joinery technology in Medieval East Asia.

Sewn plank boat of all areas and periods

Ethnographic studies of boat building in Asia

Bronze Age trade route in Indian Ocean (Dilmun, Magan, and Meluhha)




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