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The development of shipwreck analysis as a scientific discipline: during the 1960's I began developing a form of three-dimensional research, combining geometric models with standard graphic and archival forms of research to interpret partially preserved shipwrecks.  The process is being strengthened continuously with defined methodology; it has been published and many of its features have been adopted by others.

The development of shipbuilding technology: based on research and reconstruction of ships dating from the Bronze Age to the present century, and specializing in Mediterranean and North American sailing craft.  Present research centers on the origins of formal naval architecture, the study of ancient and early medieval ship construction and repair, and the development of databases and graphic systems to date, identify, and analyze shipwrecks of all periods.


Consultant, Yassi Ada Expeditions (reconstructions of 4th-and 7th-century shipwrecks    near Bodrum, Turkey) of the University of Pennsylvania and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, 1964-1981.

Consultant, Porticello shipwreck (study of a 5th-century BC wreck near Messina, Sicily), sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, 1971 and 1974.

Reconstructor, Kyrenia Ship Expedition (reconstruction of a 4th-century BC Greek    merchantman now on display in Crusader Castle, Kyrenia, Cyprus), jointly sponsored by the University Museum, Oberlin College, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, 1971-1975.

Consultant, UNESCO (Sites and Monuments), 1972-73.

Consultant, Thomas Skofield shipwreck (study and partial retrieval of a large coal    schooner at Sea Isle City, New Jersey), 1972.  Removal and measurement sponsored by Bath Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine.

Project Advisor, The Defense Project (excavation of a Revolutionary War privateer brig   near Castine, Maine), jointly sponsored by INA, Maine Maritime Academy, and Maine State Museum, 1975-79.

Reconstructor, The Cornwallis Cave Wreck (excavation of a British vessel scuttled in the  York River, Virginia, in 1781), sponsored by INA and Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, 1976.

Reconstructor, The Brown's Ferry Project (excavation and restoration of an early American coasting vessel at Brown's Ferry, South Carolina), for the University of South Carolina, 1977-78.

Reconstructor, The Serçe Limani Medieval Ship Project (excavation and restoration of an 11th-century merchantman wrecked near Marmaris, Turkey), sponsored by INA, 1978-88.

Field School Director, The Charon Project (excavation of Cornwallis' flag vessel which    burned and sank at Gloucester Point, Virginia, in 1781), jointly sponsored by Texas    A&M University and Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission), 1980.

Consultant, the San Esteban wreck (restudy of a Spanish plate wreck sunk at Padre Island, Texas, in 1554), for the Texas Antiquities Committee, 1980-81.

Consultant, The Napoleonic Wreck (investigation of a late 18th-century blockade ship at   Akko, Israel), for the University of Haifa, 1981.

Reconstructor, the Athlit Ram Project (study of a classical warship ram and bow timbers), for the University of Haifa, 1981-1987.

Consultant, Ronson Ship Project (excavation and study of an 18th-century ship in lower    Manhattan), for the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, 1982.

Project Advisor, Cofferdam Wreck (excavation of a Revolutionary War vessel at    Yorktown, Virginia), for Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, 1983-90.

Consultant and designer, Kyrenia Ship Replica Project (construction of a full-scale sailing  replica of a 4th-century BC merchant ship at Perama, Greece), sponsored by INA and the  Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition; launched June, 1985.

Reconstructor, The Herculaneum Boat Excavation (study and excavation of a 1st-century  Roman boat at Ercolano, Italy), for Scavi di Ercolano and National Geographic Society,   1983-1986.

Advisor, Caesarea Maritima Exhibition, Smithsonian Institution, 1986-87.

Advisor, Carnegie Museum Egyptian Boat Project (study and reconstruction of a twelfth-dynasty Egyptian funerary boat), sponsored by Carnegie Museum of  Natural History, Pittsburgh, 1985-1990.

Reconstructor, The Kinneret Boat Project (excavation of a nearly intact Roman boat on    the Sea of Galilee), for the Israel Department of Antiquities and Museums, 1986.

Consultant or advisor to Parks Canada (Marchault and Basque Whaler projects), National Geographic Society, various museums, agencies, and individuals.



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INVITED LECTURES (selected listing)


Archaeological Institute of America, 7-city tour.


University of North Wales, Bangor, North Wales University of London, London, England.


Archaeological Institute of America, 6-city tour.


Archaeological Institute of America; 4 cities, 6 lectures.


University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.


Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.


Archaeological Institute of America; 3 cities.


Museum of Natural History, Denver.


McCann-Taggert Lecturer, Archaeological Institute of America, Toronto and Ottawa.


University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.


Hecht Museum, keynote address for opening of ship gallery, Haifa, Israel


Archaeological Institute of America

Council for Nautical Archaeology

Hellenic Society for the Preservation of Maritime Tradition (honorary lifetime member)

National Maritime Historical Society

Nautical Research Guild

North American Society for Oceanic History

Society for Nautical Research



Fellow, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Special award, Hellenic Society for the Preservation of Maritime Tradition; research and design award for the construction of the Kyrenia ship replica.


Sara W. and George O. Yamini Endowed Professorship in Nautical Archaeology


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