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Site 8SJ3478, possibly the Industry: a British 18th-century shipwreck

The Artifacts

Artifacts recovered from site 8SJ3478 to date have been primarily inorganic in nature, in part probably due to the dynamic nature of the vessel's shallow water, open ocean deposition. A study of the mineralized ferrous encrustations located at the site suggest that the remains recorded to date cover and uncover frequently due to storm surge and currents. Many of the artifacts were encrusted with marine growth. 

During the 1999 field season, a variety of artifacts were recovered that are currently undergoing treatment at the CRL lab. Objects such as a small swivel gun (8SJ3478-39) and a cast iron cauldron (8SJ3478-38) were transported while still encrusted to aid in their protection. In addition, several unidentified concretions have been recovered that will be need to be x-rayed and mechanically cleaned or cast before they may be identified. The purpose of this section is not to describe all artifacts, but to outline and describe work undertaken to date so that interested parties may follow along with the excavation as it continues in the laboratory.

The Swivel Gun

The Cauldron

The Boxes

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