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Site 8SJ3478, possibly the Industry: a British 18th-century shipwreck


This report has been created for inclusion on the Texas A&M Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) Website. The primary purpose of this document is to allow interested parties to track the progress of work on site 8SJ3478 as the excavation continues in the laboratory. Progress will be updated monthly. In addition, a section requesting comments and assistance in identification and analysis of artifacts recovered from site 8SJ3478 will be appended. Information regarding comparative artifacts recovered from other archaeological sites is requested. Any and all comments are welcome and may be directed to Marianne Franklin at INCSOAR@AOL.COM.

A brief summary of the project to date, including previous work and historical context which may aid in analysis follows. Those looking for more detailed discussion of this site and all other projects conducted by Southern Oceans Archaeological Research, Inc. (SOAR) are directed to SOAR publications listed and available for acquisition at the end of this report. Cited references are also appended at the end of this report.


Citation Information:

Franklin, Marianne
2000, Site 8SJ3478, possibly the Industry: A British 18th-Century Shipwreck, Conservation Research Laboratory Research Report #10, World Wide Web,
URL, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University


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