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Conserving the hull of the Belle

La Salle Shipwreck Project
Texas Historical Commission



The lifting frame is in the process of being designed by Dynacom, of Bryan, Texas.  It will be partially fabricated at their plant in Bryan, and the pieces will then be trucked to the Conservation Research Laboratory, where the construction will be completed inside the vat. The electric motors, gear boxes, pulleys, and lifting cables will also be installed at that time.

Stylized design of the wood conservation vat

Schematic and stylized design of the proposed wood conservation vat, the lift, the four gear boxes, and the reconstructed hull of the Belle.

The frame will support the hull and will raise it out out the vat as required.

Frame support drawing

The specially designed frame that will support the hull of the Belle while it is being reassembled and conserved.  The frame is designed so that will support 40,000 lbs. and will not deflect over one inch along its length when lifting the hull.

Start of lifting frame

One side of the lifting frame is being welded together in the Dynacon, Inc. shop in Bryan, Texas.

Gear box drawing

One of the four gear boxes designed by Dynacon, Inc. of Bryan, Texas, to lift the frame to the top of the wood conservation vat.

Citation Information:
Donny L. Hamilton
1999, Conservation of the Hull of the Belle, Conservation Research Laboratory Research Report #7, Photo Gallery 5, World Wide Web, URL,, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University; La Salle Shipwreck Project, Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas.



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