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Conserving the hull of the Belle

La Salle Shipwreck Project
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The following designs were prepared by Dynacon, Inc. for the lifting platform and the four winches that will lift the ship out of the conservation vat during the reassembly phase and during the actual conservation of the hull.

Lifting frame

The steel platform that serves as the lifting frame is designed to lift 40 tons and will not deflect over one inch over the 60-ft. length during the lift.


Each of the four winches can safely lift 12 tons and is secured to massive support platforms situated over a cantilever beam that goes down the sides and bottom of the vat, connecting the two opposing winch platforms. The thickened beams going down the sides and under the vat ensures that no pressure will be exerted on the vat's walls.

Winches and frame

Schematically, the four winches are positioned over and around the lifting platform.

Citation Information:
Donny L. Hamilton
1999, Conservation of the Hull of the Belle, Conservation Research Laboratory Research Report #7, Photo Gallery 7, World Wide Web, URL,, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University; La Salle Shipwreck Project, Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas.


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