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Contract Conservation

Welcome to the contract conservation services page of Texas A&M University's Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) and Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory (APRL).  If you found us simply by browsing or arrived here from our related pages, we hope you will take the time to review the services we offer for the conservation and preservation of all types of archaeological artifacts, including metals, glass, ceramics, stone, and organic materials.  

CRL and APRL work with academic institutions, museums, historical societies, and government offices, as well as with the private conservator.  Our goal is to create viable conservation strategies of the highest standard that can be accomplished at minimal cost.

CRL ArtifactsCRL Artifacts CRL Artifacts


  • Industrial radiography and electrolytic and chemical cleaning of metal artifacts.
  • North America's largest wood-treatment facility.
  • One of the largest archaeological artifact freeze dryers in the world
  • Digitization and 3D modeling
  • Artifact casting and restoration.
  • Custom-built scale models of ships
  • New polymer-processing technologies.
  • Sate-of-the-art equipment for training, analysis, and research.

Photographic, Imaging, Lab Services and Data Management available through the Wilder Imaging Lab.

Facilities and Experience

The Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) was founded in 1978 by Dr. Donny L. Hamilton.  Prior to coming to Texas A&M University, Dr. Hamilton was an experienced conservator, who worked for the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin.  CRL consists of two laboratories: one is used primarily by Dr. Hamilton to teach conservation classes to students at Texas A&M University and to conduct archaeological conservation of small inorganic and organic artifacts.  The second laboratory is primarliy devoted to large scale projects and research.

CRL ArtifactsCRL ArtifactsCRL Artifacts

Some past projects include:

The Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory (APRL) was established in 1995 by Dr. C. Wayne Smith, in collaboration with Dr. Hamilton.  Prior to coming to Texas A&M University, Dr. Smith did post-doctoral work in polymer chemistry and conservation for Dow Corning Corporation in Michigan.  Research at APRL is directed toward the development of new processes for the conservation of organic materials. Read about current and ongoing projects at APRL here.

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