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2000 Field Crew

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Denbigh Project Field Crew, July 2000. Standing, l. to r.: Mark Feulner, Sean Williams,
Jeff Bowdoin, Laura Masters and Ashley Porter. Front row, l. to r.: Colin Kliewer,
Chris DeCillo, Barto Arnold, Kimberly Monk and Eric Van Velzen. Not shown: Tom Oertling,
Andy Hall, Gene Shimko, Patrick Batchelder, Sara Keyes, John Eastlund, Bob Siml
and Jim Cornette.

Selected Crew Profiles
(in alphabetical order)

Barto Arnold
Principal Investigator and Project Director
Austin, Texas
Barto Arnold is a native of San Antonio and studied anthropology and archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin. Arnold’s introduction to nautical archaeology came when, as a graduate student, he was hired to work at the conservation laboratory handling artifacts taken by salvors from the 1554 Spanish wrecks on Padre Island. Arnold served for more than 20 years as the State Marine Archaeologist for the Texas Historical Commission, and in 1997 moved to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology as Director of Texas Operations.

Patrick Batchelder
Volunteer Diver
Boulder, Colorado
Batchelder volunteered on the Denbigh Project for the first few weeks of this summer’s field season. Batchelder, 53, is the past president of the Boulder Museum of History and currently writes for scientific, technical and popular magazines. He is also owner of John David, Inc., a staffing and consulting company. Batchelder is considering pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology at the University of Colorado, and hopes to retire to French Polynesia to pursue his dream of doing nautical archaeology on WWII wrecks in the Pacific.

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Jeff Bowdoin
Volunteer Diver
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Bowdoin holds CPR, PADI and First Aid certifications.

Jim Cornette
Volunteer Diver
Ames, Iowa
Cornette is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Iowa State University. Jim worked as a volunteer on the Denbigh Project in 1999, and has returned this year to continue with the project. Jim observes that the project "is proving to have a particularly interesting history and participation in its physical excavation and simultaneously observing its historical development and the interaction between those two processes is a wonderful opportunity." Cornette holds certifications as a PADI Dive Master and Rescue Diver. Cornette's diving experience includes dives in the Bahamas, Bonaire, St. Kitts, British Virgin Islands and numerous Iowa lakes.
CDeChillo.jpg (4504 bytes) Christopher DeChillo
Volunteer Diver
Austin, Texas
DeChillo is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M College Station, majoring in Anthropology with a Spanish minor. DeChillo is a senior in the Corps of Cadets (Company K-2), and a member of the Cadet Honor Board. He’s been a SCUBA diver since he was 12, and holds a PADI divemaster certification. DeChillo enjoys traveling, both domestically and internationally, and especially likes drag racing Mustangs.
John Eastlund
Volunteer Diver
Brooklyn, New York
Eastlund works for the international Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) at Texas A&M which operates a scientific drill ship for the National Science Foundation and 20 other countries. Easlund sailed as a seagoing system manager for 15 years, traveling around all the worlds oceans and visiting every maritime museum and historical ship he could find – more than 130 to date. In 1994 he worked on his first archaeology excavation as a volunteer on the Monte Cristo Pipe Wreck. Although still employed full time at ODP, Eastlund is taking classes in Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University.
Andrew W. Hall
Co-Principal Investigator and Project Historian
Galveston, Texas
Hall serves as chief historian for the Denbigh Project, and manages the project website. Hall, a Galveston native, is the former curator or exhibits at the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, and is currently a member of the board of the Southwest Underwater Archaeological Society (SUAS).
Sara Keyes
Assistant Archaeologist
Farmers Branch, Texas
Keyes is a masters candidate in nautical archaeology at Texas A&M University in College Station. She began her work in nautical archaeology as a volunteer with the Texas Historical Commission, and in 1995 was part of the original team that discovered the 1686 wreck of La Belle, the last remaining vessel of La Salle’s ill-fated expedition to Texas. Keyes recently spent  two months in Morocco studying and cataloguing old nautical maps and engravings for locating shipwrecks off the Moroccan coast.
Colin Kliewer
Volunteer Diver
Duncanville, Texas
Kliewer is a Senior in Marine Biology at Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG). Kliewer has plans to pursue a masters degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences after completing his undergraduate work. Kliewer has been diving for a year with thorough training in a number of specialty diving areas including AAUS scientific diving, cavern diving, wreck diving, nitrox diving, low visibility, and oxygen administration.
LMasters.jpg (2686 bytes) Laura Masters
Almont, Michigan
Masters is a senior in the Maritime Studies (MAST) Program at Texas A&M University at Galveston, with an anticipated graduation in December 2000. She joined the Denbigh Project in 1999 as a research volunteer, and since has gotten a full introduction to the logistical complexities of a field archaeology project. Although she enjoys Galveston, her favorite residence was in Lander, Wyoming, where Sinks Canyon and the Wind River Country is "an obsession for me." She has performed with the chorus of "La Cenerntolla" with the Michigan Opera Theater, and as part of the Symphonic Chorale in Romeo, Michigan. Masters jokes that, "being a Yankee, I sometimes feel outnumbered" on the Denbigh Project.
KMonk.jpg (4112 bytes) Kimberly E. Monk
Assistant Dive Officer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kimberly Monk serves as Assistant Dive Officer on the Denbigh Project. After completion of the field season, Monk will enter the Program in Maritime Studies at East Carolina University. As the Central Region Director of Save Ontario Shipwrecks, Monk has been active in the protection of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes region. In addition, she has completed archaeological fieldwork in the Dominican Republic and Florida. Monk’s current research interest is in the construction of "canaller" vessels and the implications of the Welland Canal on ship design. Monk is a PADI-certified Rescue and CPR Instructor.
TOertling.jpg (4396 bytes) Tom Oertling
Co-Principal Investigator and Project Assistant Director
Galveston, Texas
Oertling, a native of New Orleans, is a graduate of the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University. Oertling has worked on several historic shipwrecks prior to Denbigh, including the American Revolutionary War ships at Yorktown and the Molasses Reef Wreck in the Turks and Caicos. Oertling is the author of Ship’s Bilge Pumps: A History of Their Development, 1500-1900 (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1996), and has served as an advisor to several archaeological projects in that area. Oertling serves as a Co-principal Investigator on the Denbigh Project, and was one of the original team members to locate and identify the wreck in 1997.
APorter.jpg (4036 bytes) Ashley Porter
Volunteer Diver
Torrance, California
Ashley Porter is a senior in Anthropology at Texas A&M University in College Station, and hopes to enter the Nautical Archaeology Program there after graduation. Porter decided to pursue archaeology at about age six, after seeing television documentaries about INA projects in the Mediterranean. Recently Porter worked worked with the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Marine Options Program to locate and map of a landing site off the windward coast of Oahu at Wainanola Beach.
Gene Shimko
Engineering Volunteer
Houston, Texas
Gene Shimko joined the Denbigh Project in 1999 as a volunteer researching steam powerplants. Shimko’s work as an engineer has provided him with considerable experience working with reciprocating engines, and his guidance has contributed significantly to the analysis and interpretation of Denbigh’s engine and machinery arrangements.
Bob Siml
Volunteer Diver
Houston, Texas
Siml is a chemical engineer with a long-standing interest in maritime history and nautical archaeology. Siml has been a member of the volunteer crew of the 1877 Iron Barque Elissa for several years. Siml has been a certified diver since 1976, and has held PADI certification since 1982. Much of Siml's diving experience has been at Reef Lake in Houston, Canyon Lake, near Austin.
EVanVelzen.jpg (4501 bytes) Eric A. Van Velzen ("Van")
Dive Officer
Bothell, Washington
"I got interested in Nautical Archaeology in 1996 after leaving the Marine Corps. I volunteered to work at the harbor excavation at Caesarea Maritime, Israel. This became a three-year participation as a divemaster and medic with the University of Maryland and the University of Haifa. I joined the Denbigh Project in 1999 as dive officer. I’m a junior at TAMUG in the Maritime Studies (MAST) Program." Van Velzen has been diving for eleven years, and prior to this field season had completed over 750 dives to depths as great as 185 feet (56m).
SWilliams.jpg (4256 bytes) Sean Williams
Volunteer Diver
Margate, Florida
Williams is a graduate student in Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University in College Station. He holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of West Florida and holds a PADI Advanced Open Water dive certification.

Crew photos by Marylin Hughes, Texas A&M University at Galveston.


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