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In-Kind Contributions

If you scuba dive then you know what a great, but equipment-intensive experience it can become. Our Denbigh Project is no exception.

As we all know, diving a wreck is only the means to an end. After loading our gear and making ready to explore the ship there is always one more piece of equipment, or a specialized tool, that makes the dive safer, easier and faster. This is where you make a big, big difference by becoming
a member of the team.

Some of these tools, equipment and parts can be bought. However, that takes money away from other areas like conserving artifacts, photography and even on-going costs for gasoline and pump maintenance. Our resources quickly become stretched too far and quality scientific exploration can suffer. This is where you come in.

Do you have items to donate? If so, we have a list of things that will make the Denbigh Project a resounding success. Of course your items are considered an "in-kind donation" and may be eligible for a fair-market tax deduction. Check with your accountant or tax-preparer to see if you qualify. Let them know the Denbigh Project is sponsored, organized and motivated by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA). INA is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit and chartered as a scientific and educational organization in the state of Texas.

Here's our list. As you can see these are the expensive items that will make or break our project. We'll be adding to it as time goes by, please check back regularly to see if there's something you can donate and, by doing so, become a moving force on our Denbigh Project team. We are looking forward to bringing you on board!

What makes a difference to us is talking directly to you.

Item Est. Value*
Marine Binoculars $300
Set of Tools and Rolling Tool Chest $750
Cellular Phones and Air-time $1,000
Set of Power Tools $1,000
Rent of Office/Storage Container $1,000
Storage Locker in College Station (per year) $1,200
Desk Top Computer $2,000
Lap Top Computer $2,500
Research Trip to England $5,000
Box Lunches for Crew at Site $6,000
5 Sets of SCUBA Gear $10,000
Outboard Motor for INA 17' Boat $15,000
Rehabilitate current INA 17' & 19' Boats & Trailers $20,000
Housing and Food for Excavation Crew $25,000
8" Dredge for excavating 10-12' of mud overburden $16,500
Air Compressor for Surface Supply Diving $25,000
Air Compressor for SCUBA Tanks $35,000
Engineering Services-CAD Drawings & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Rental of Barge and Crane for 2 Months $120,000
25' Center Console Boat and Trailer $100,000
Endow a Research Chair at INA/TAMU specifically for projects in Texas and neighboring areas $1,000,000

Our Denbigh Project team-leader, Barto Arnold, is eager to describe our past triumphs and our current goals. After that, we'll put you in touch with a team member who's spent days on the bottom, cleaning and searching Denbigh. We make the iron-clad, blockade-running Civil War come alive
for everyone.

Please give Barto a call or send him an email. He is eager to talk about the project and make suggestions where you can help - in a small or big way. If you don't connect right away, make sure Barto gets your number and he'll call you back.

Barto can be reached by phone at (979) 845-6694 or email him at See you at the Denbigh!

* Values given are estimated retail costs of new equipment. Donations of supplies and equipment are deductable at their fair-market value.


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