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Dive Trip, October 18-30, 1998

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During part of the October dive trip, a boat was generously provided by the Texas General Land Office.
In late October 1998 the Denbigh Project team organized a two-week dive trip to the shipwreck site to continue mapping the exposed remains and conduct limited probing to determine the extent of buried hull and machinery features.  Operations were significantly hindered by poor visibility and tidal current at the site, but the team did manage to complete further mapping of the central machinery spaces and to follow the line of buried shell plating approximately 10m (33ft.) both forward and aft of the sidewheels.
The October dives were also used to evaluate the usefulness of the Denbigh site as a location for a nautical archaeology field school.  While the site offers many advantages, including diving in shallow, semi-sheltered water and close proximity to Texas A&M - Galveston, it was felt that the poor visibility on the site would present challenges for beginning archaeology divers.

Special assistance during the October dives was provided by the Scientific Diving Program at TAMUG, Dr. Cheryl Ward of TAMUG, the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program of the Texas General Land Office and Tom's Dive and Ski of Austin.

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