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An Analysis of Galley Ware from a Ninth-Century Shipwreck at Bozburun, Turkey

Doreen Marie Danis
Thesis: August 2002
Chairs: Bass and Hocker
Nautical Archaeology Program

In the summer of 1995, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology began the excavation of a ninth-century Byzantine shipwreck off the southern coast of Turkey. In the area of the galley, an assemblage contributes important data about the following: first, shipboard life, including crew size and methods of meal preparation; second, degree of similarity with galley ware assemblages from other Byzantine shipwrecks (i.e., Yassi Ada and Serçe Limani shipwrecks) and with kitchen ware assemblages from terrestrial sites (e.g., Byzantine Shops at Sardis); and chronology, in that the Bozburun shipwreck and its cargo can be dated precisely to 875, a period poorly documented in the archaeological record. At this time, the eastern Mediterranean economy, shattered by the Arab conquest of the mid-seventh century, began the recovery that would lay the groundwork for the economic explosion of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

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