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The Bronze Age Objects from Tel Nami, Israel: Their Conservation and Implications for Ancient Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Georgia Lynne Fox 
Thesis: August 1991
Chair: Hamilton

This thesis investigates the conservation of bronze objects from Tel Nami, Israel. Since Tel Nami is located on the Mediterranean coast, two problems are central to this investigation: the destructive nature of cuprous chloride from seawater inundation, and the stabilization of the bronze artifacts from subsequent corrosion attack.
An examination of the internal structure of metal and Bronze Age metallurgy technology of copper and its alloys provides a basis for understanding how corrosion operates in ancient metal. Furthermore, this study examines the unique combination of factors which comprise a marine coastal site in order to determine how they contribute to in-situ corrosion processes. The final assessment of the conservation project includes a discussion of the methodology and current existing technology. This is followed by the utility of conservation in providing important diagnostic information about artifacts and implications for future research.

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