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An Empirical System for the Identification of Smooth Bore, Case Iron Cannon

Steven Hoyt
Thesis: May 1986
Chair: Hamilton
Nautical Archaeology Program

In an attempt to overcome problems inherent in the current subjective method of identifying unmarked cannons, a systematic approach to cannon studies is developed based on objective, quantifiable cannon characteristics. The system is designed to facilitate data gathering, storage and manipulation through computerization of the collected data. Using the computer programs provided, large amounts of data can be correlated and analyzed.

Specific physical characteristics of cannons are described and instructions are given on how to record those characteristics. Most details either are recorded as direct measurements or calculated from direct measurements. By standardizing recording techniques and nomenclature, data collected by various researchers can be analyzed.

This objective, quantified system forms the foundation for a long-term study of cannons with the ultimate goal of establishing an identification key for field researchers.

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