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Homeric Seafaring

Samuel Eugene Mark
Dissertation: May 2000
Chair: Dr. George F. Bass
Nautical Archaeology Program

Scholars have written hundreds of books and articles on various aspects of Homer's epics. A list of such publications gives an impression that every imaginable aspect of these poems has been explored in depth. Curiously, Homeric seafaring has not received the same attention as other Homeric topics. It is relatively easy to find articles that do review or discuss limited aspects of Homeric seafaring or, at most, a few books that attempt to cover this topic in a chapter or two. Most information is therefore scattered among various publications making it difficult to study Homeric seafaring as a coherent subject. My goals in writing this work are to draw together the pertinent sources into one volume making them more accessible to those interested in this subject. Furthermore, by consolidating the various aspects of seafaring into one work, we may be able to see various currents and eddies that would normally escape us.

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