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Two Eighteenth-Century Prams from the Ijsselmeer Polders.

Kathleen McLaughlin
Thesis: December 1992
Chair: Carlson

This study focuses on the function and status of small watercraft in the Zuider Zee trade network in the eighteenth century netherlands. The two wrecks studied are believed to represent a type of inland freighter known as praam (pram). Prams or pram-like vessels are known from archival sources, as well as eighteenth- and nineteenth-century representations. These vessels carried primarily bulk cargoes such as peat, mud, stone, manure, lumber, and grain. The artifact assemblages from the two wrecks are believed to be representative of similar occupations, customs, and social status in eighteenth-century society. The analysis of these pram assemblages along with an exploration of the internal and external economic history for this time period provide some insight into the lifestyle of a particular social and economic class of people.

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