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Waterschip NZ42i: A Late Medieval Fishing Vessel from Flevoland, The Netherlands

Ralph Pedersen
Thesis: May 1991
Chair: van Doorninck
Nautical Archaeology Program

In this thesis, the clinker-built waterschip, NZ42i, is reconstructed. Reference is made to waterschip W10 and depictions of waterschepen from the seventeenth through twentieth centuries in resolving problematic aspects of the reconstruction. The form and constructional features of NZ42i are compared with those of other types of vessels of northwestern Europe to ascertain the vessel's place among the traditions of northwestern European boatbuilding. A comparison is also made with the form and constructional features of the carvel-built waterschip W10 to establish similarities, as well as differences resulting from the disparate methods of construction. Various structural features of NZ42i are examined for their strengths, weaknesses, or function, models being employed in some instances.

This study is the only study of a clinker-built waterschip and the only detailed study of the general vessel type that has been undertaken to date.

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