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The Recovery and Analysis of Paleoethnobotanical Remains from an Eighteenth Century Shipwreck

Eri Weinstein
Dissertation: May 1992
Chair: Bryant

Paleoethnobotanical and palynological data were recovered from the submerged remains of the Betsy (44YO88), an eighteenth century collier brig scuttled in the York River at Yorktown, Virginia during the American Revolution (October 1781). The objectives of this study were to develop and test strategies for the retrieval and analysis of paleoethnobotanical and palynological materials from a submerged historic shipwreck, evaluate the potential range and distribution of archaeological floral data preserved within the remains of the hull and associated wooden and glass containers, and, propose inferences pertaining to the role of the Betsy within the context of the Battle of Yorktown, based on an analysis of the palynological and paleoethnobotanical records recovered from the wreck site.

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