Nautical Archaeology Publications

The Studies in Nautical Archaeology Series (SINA)  was established in 1995 to share research on all aspects of nautical archaeology of the seas, lakes, and rivers of the world during all time periods.  Special emphasis has been placed on the history of maritime technology.  Ship iconography and trade are also important considerations.

The series has so far highlighted the research of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and the graduate theses and dissertations of Nautical Archaeology Program students, but all authors are invited to submit manuscripts on maritime technology and related subjects.

The SINA Series is published by Texas A&M University Press and is distributed in Europe by Chatham Publishing, London.

The Studies in Nautical Archaeology Series and Nautical Archaeology Series have now been combined into the Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series. Below are a list of links pertaining to the combined series. Members of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology get a 30% discount on all of the books in this series!

Current publications in the nautical archaeology series include:

Bass, George F. and van Doorninck, Frederick H. 1982. Yassi Ada Vol. I: A Seventh-Century Byzantine Shipwreck

Casson, L and Steffy, J. Richard. 1991. The Athlit Ram.

Steffy, J. Richard. 1994. Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks.

Oertling, Thomas J.  1996. Ships' Bilge Pumps: A History of Their Development, 1500–1900

Simmons, Joe J.  III.  1997. Those Vulgar Tubes: External Sanitary Accommodations aboard European Ships of the Fifteenth through Seventeenth Centuries

Mott, Lawrence V. 1997. The Development of the Rudder: A Technological Tale

Mark, Samuel.  1997. From Egypt to Mesopotamia: A Study of Predynastic Trade Routes

Wachsmann, Shelley. 1997. Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant.

Martin, Lillian Ray.  2001. The Art and Archaeology of Venetian Ships and Boats

Bratten, John R. 2002. The Gondola Philadelphia and the Battle of Lake Champlain

Smith, C. Wayne. 2002. Archaelogical Conservation Using Polymers: Practical Applications for Organic Artifact Stabilization.

Kane, Adam I. 2004. The Western River Steamboat

Hocker, Frederick M., and Cheryl A. Ward, eds. 2004. The Philosophy of Shipbuilding: Conceptual Approaches to the Study of Wooden Ships.

Bass, George F., Sheila Matthews, J. Richard Steffy, and Frederick H. van Doorninck, Jr. 2004. Serçe Limani: An Eleventh-Century Shipwreck Vol. 1, The Ship and Its Anchorage, Crew, and Passengers.

Mark, Samuel. 2005. Homeric Seafaring.

McCarthy, Michael. 2005. Ships' Fastenings: From Sewn Boat to Steamship.

Castro, Filipe Viera De.  2005.  The Pepper Wreck:  A Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River

Corbin, Annalies.  2006. The Life and Times of the Steamboat Red Cloud

Wachsmann, Shelley. 2008. Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant

Bass, George, Lledo, Berta, Matthews, Shelia, and Brill, Robert. 2009. Serçe Limani, Vol 2: The Glass of an Eleventh-Century Shipwreck

Wachsmann, Shelley. 2009. The Sea of Galilee Boat.

Søreide, Fredrik. 2011. Ships from the Depths: Deepwater Archaeology.

Broadwater, John D. 2012. USS Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage.

Delgado, James P. 2012. Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine Iron, Guns, and Pearls

Eiseman, Cynthia, and Ridgway, Brunilde. 2012. The Porticello Shipwreck: A Mediterranean Merchant Vessel of 415-385 B.C

Hoving, A. J. 2012. Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age

Steffy, Loren C. 2012. The Man Who Thought like a Ship.

Wachsmann, Shelley. 2012. The Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context.

Crisman, Kevin J. 2014. Coffins of the Brave: Lake Shipwrecks of the War of 1812.