Historical Archaeology
ANTH 313



Portal to Relevant Files:






                                 Exam Review Material:

                        -          Examples of first exam

                        -          Examples of second exam


                                  Class Preparation:

                        -          Reserved Readings

                        -          Pointers when observing films/slide presentations



                                 Links for Archaeological Techniques:

                        -          Dating Methods in Archaeology

                        -          Data and Context


                                 Ceramic Introduction

                        -          Foodways, etc.

                        -          Ceramic terms

                        -          English Ceramic Sequence

                        -          Dating Documents

                        -          Ceramic Typology



                                  English Pipe Data

                        -          Pipe Typology

                        -          Parts of a Pipe


                                  Genealogy Documents

                        -          Project Instructions

                        -          Family Pedigree Chart

                        -          Family Record Form

                        -          Census Records

                        -          Ross Probate Records

                        -          Pension Records


                                  1554 Plate Fleet

                        -          Location of the Wrecks

                        -          Historical Background

                        -          Silver coins and discs data

                        -          1554 PowerPoint Presentation - short version

                        -          1554 Power Point of slides presented in class


                                  Port Royal, Jamaica

                        -          Port Royal Project Home Page

                        -          Port Royal: Chronology of Events

                        -          Port Royal PowerPoint

                        -          Architectural details -- Port Royal examples

                        -          Chisel Study

                        -          Port Royal Consumerism


                                 La Salle Shipwreck Project 

                        -          La Salle Shipwreck PowerPoint

                        -          The Story of the Wreck

                        -          Discovery of the Shipwreck

                        -          Artifacts


                                  From NOVA: Voyage of Doom

                        -          Explore the shipwreck, by Steve Hoyt

                        -          Stories in the Timbers, by Toni Carrell


                                  From the Conservation Research Lab at Texas A&M

                        -          Conservation - Look at reports 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7


                                Wolstenholme Town Project

                        -          New Clues to an Old Mystery

                        -          First Look at a Lost Settlement

-         Wolstenholme Towne major points


                                Beard House, Milano, Texas 1891-1943

                             Beard PowerPoint.pdf


                                 Richard Carter Site

                        -          The Richard Carter Site (41BZ74) Brazos County, Texas:

                        -          Archeological and Historical Investigations R. Carter Site

                        -          Map to Richard Carter Site