---National Archive Records
Military Records and place of birth: On the Indiana Military Record Index card it has the place
of Nativity as Rush Co. In. On the Company Descriptive Book, for Co. I of the 46th Regiment
Indiana Infantry it has Where Born as Connersville, Ind. -- which is Fayette Co. IN. Rush Cnty
is next to Fayette.

Military Records show that he enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 35. He
was a private in Co. I of the 46 Regiment Indiana Volunteers. He enlisted on
February 1, 1862 and he died of disease on board a Union steamboat on the
White River near Clarendon, Arkansas on July 8, 1862. Other military Records
have July 1, and July 5 as the day of death. The Indiana Military Records
state that he died near St. Charles, Arkansas of disease on July 1, 1862. St.
Charles is down river from Clarendon. Various military records list the cause
of death as "Bilious Fever" on several forms, "recruit fever" on one, and
in another deposition by the commander of his unit, it says Typhus Fever.

U.S. Census Records.

Children in the 1850 US. Census, Jennings Twnship, are:
Home 22, Henry J. Ross, age 31, M, Farmer, $2100, born NC
Arvarilla Ross, age 35, born KY
Greenberry Ross, age 8, born IN -- (probably not a coincindence
that his sister Susan names her first son Thomas Jefferson Greenberry Hamilton.
John Madison Ross, age 5, born IN
Martin K. Ross, Age 1, born IN,
Sarah Ross, Age 62, born NC
(this is the mother, and the Sarah in the 1840 Census)
Jane Kennedy, age 50, born NC
(I think this is woman who looks after Sarah. (born 1819, maybe she is a sister)

Fayette Co., IN. Probate Records, Book C. Page 475-484, Joseph D. Ross Estate.
Died intestate, states he died 4 Sep. 1836. Wife Sarah renounces her right to
administor the estate, her son Samuel K. Ross is appointed Administrator.
Heirs mention in this document are of course, the wife Sarah, children: Samuel
K., Benjamin, who is also appointed guardian of there minor children below, ,
Joseph Jr., James, Jane, Emily, and Eliza Houston (alias Eliza Ross), deceased,
wife of John Houston; and three minor heirs, Jackson, Denton and Susan.
James above is Henry James -- in this document James is mentioned and Henry J.
Ross is listed as buying numerous items from the estate. In 1850, his mother
Sarah is living in Henry J. Ross' home. No doubt that this Susan and her
siblings are the right family. In this document is a very detailed and long
inventory. Obvious that this Joseph Ross family was a well to do farmer that
was heavy into hogs, cattle and sheep. In addition Joseph owned an interest in
a store in Alquina, IN. Had at least 10 children.

In a Document in Probate Record Book D, page 165, 1838, Joseph Ross Heirs,
Benjamin Ross comes to the court requesting permission to loan out the money
paid to William Denton Ross, age about 16, and Susan Ross, age about 13.
Document clarifies some names and gives addition proof by stating ages of both
William and Susan. Where is Jackson?
I feel confident that something is wrong with the mother Sarah Ross. Why was one of her sons made the guardian of her two or three minor children -- we know that they were about 14 and 11 at the death of Joseph and Sarah, who was 62 in 1850 would have only been 48 when her husband died, yet an older brother was made the guardian of the youngest children. I think that somehow Sarah Ross she is incapacitated -- physically or mentally. Thus a guardianship was arranged. We know from a statement given by Abigail Hamilton, that Susan Malinda Ross Hamilton went insane, which is verified by records committing Susan Hamilton to the Central State Hospital in 1857 and on that card, under cause, it list hereditary. Perhaps Susan's mother, Sarah, was also mentally incapacitated.