Fayette County Probate Record Book B
Pages 1475-484
Joseph Ross Estate [great, great, great, grandfather of Donny L. Hamilton]
Recorded October 7, 1836

States that Joseph Ross died on September 4, 1836
Full name Joseph D. Ross is given only once on the first page.
Sarah Ross, his widow, is renouncing her rights to administer the estate and their son, Samuel K. Ross is the Administrator
The heirs listed are:

1. Samuel K. Ross, is probably the oldest son he is the Administrator of the estate. He is found in the 1840 U.S Census of Fayette Co., In. Nothing mentioned in the inventory that he got anything. He paid money to the estate for renting some land in 1837.
2. Benjamin, who appears in the 1840 US census of Fayette Co. In. and he is appointed the Guardian of the minor heirs, Jackson, Denton, & Susan Ross.
3. Joseph (listed as Jr. later) is in 1840 Census.
4. James (probably full name is Harry James Ross for a Harry J. is listed as buying a lot of items from the estate and Sarah is living with Harry J. Ross in the 1850 Census.
5. Jane -- purchased a few items from the estate
6. Emily -- purchased a number of items from the estate.
7. Eliza Houston, alias Eliza Ross, is the deceased wife of John Houston who is to get her share.

In same document, Benjamin Ross, one of the sons is made guardian of three minor heirs:

8. Jackson -- not sure who he is -- maybe he is the son of Eliza???
9. Denton (who in Record Book C, page 165, is listed as William Denton Ross, who shows up as William D. Ross, next door to Henry J. Ross in the 1850 Census. Henry, William, and Sarah all have NC as place of birth.
10. Susan who in listed by name in the Record Book C, page 165 in 1838 is listed as about 14 years of age and who in the 1850 Census is married and living with her husband George Hamilton and their oldest son in Fayette Co. In.

In Fayette Co. Probate Record Book C; Page 165, Joseph Ross Heirs
Benjamin Ross is coming before the Probate court to request that he be given permission to loan out the sum of $323.45, which is the total of the monies coming to William Denton Ross, age about 16 year, and Susan Ross, age about 14 years of age from the estate of their father Joseph D. Ross. Benjamin Ross is to pay them what is due to them in 1839. No mention of Jackson in this document.

PAGE 475

Joseph Ross Estate

Be it remembered that heretofore towit on the Eleventh day of October in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty six here comes to Clerks Office of the Fayette County Probate Court Samuel K. Ross and presents and files therein the following renummerations of Sarah Ross widow of Joseph Ross late of Fayette County Indiana deceased towit,
"State of Indiana Fayette County} I Sarah Ross widow of Joseph Ross ???? late of Fayette County deceased do hereby renounce and relinquish my right to administer upon the estate of the said Joseph Ross, ???? decd my late husband and do herby request tht letters of Administration may be granted unto the said Estate to Samuel K. Ross son of the said decedent ???? ???? off I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 7th day of October 1836.
Sarah X Ross (Seal)
Attest Joseph D. Ross" Which being accepted by the Clerk the said Samuel K. Ross also filed his petition in this behalf in these words, to wit,
"State of Indiana () Fayette Probate Court
Fayette County () November Term 1836
To the honorable Fayette County Probate Court, The undersigned would respectfully represent to Your Honor that Joseph Ross seur late of Fayette County Indiana deceased died at said County on the 4th day of September last served and possesse of divers goods and chattels rights credits ???? and effects accounting by estimation to the value of $1500.00 leaving no last will and Testament as your petioner is informed and verily believed and leaving a widow Sarah Ross ??? had filed in the Clerks office of your Honrable Court her written rennuciation of her right to administer said Estate that it is necessary the same should be adminstered Your petitioner therefore asks appointed Administrator thereof. Samuel K. Ross

Sworn to and Subscribed before us the 11th day of October A.D. 1836
G. Gince, Clerk F.C.I.
Which being accepted also accepted by the Clerk the said Samuel K. Ross thereupon executed bond in the ???? of fifteen hundred dollars conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as Administrator of the Estaate aforesaid with Stephen Golden. his accredited and letters of Adminstration are now here in vacation of said Court granted him by the Clerk on the estate aforesaid and he is duly sworn as such Administrator - which said letter of Administration and the oath entered there on are in the words and figured following, towit,

State of Indiana ()
Fayette County () SS T. Gabriel Gince clerk of the Probate Court of Fayette County in the State of Indiana do certify that Adminstration of the goods, chattels, rights, credits, ???? and effects whic were of Joseph Ross late of the said County deceased who died intestate is granted unto Samuel K. Ross and the said Samuel R. is authorised to adminster the same according to law - Witness my hand and the seal of the said
County (Seal) this 11th daty of October A.D. 1836 G. Ginnce Clk:"
State of Indiana }}
Fayette County }} SS Be it rembered that on the 11th day of October A.D. 1836 before me Gabriel Gince Clerk of the Probate Court of the said County personally approved Samuel K. Ross the Adminstrator named in the foregoing letters of Administration who was by me duly sworn to truly and faithfully discharge the duties and trusts committed to and required of him as such Administrator Witness my hand this 11th day of October, 1836. G. Gince Clk. F.C.P.C.

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Joseph Ross Estate Continued

Be it remembered that theretofore, towit, on the eleventh day of October in this year of One Thousand eith hundred and thirty-six then here came to the Clerks Office of the Fayette County Probate Court Samuel K. Ross and presents and files therein the following rennoucements of Sarah Ross, Widow of Joseph Ross late of Fayette County Indiana deceased ... [and goes on to repeat all contained on first page -- in fact looks like a second copying of the same page.]

[ most of this page not transcribed]

last line of page then reads, ]

And afterwards towit At a term of the Probate Court of Fayette County ...

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Joseph Ross Estate Continued
in the State of Indiana begins and held at the Cort House in Connersville in said County on the second Monday and fourteenth day of November in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred thirty-six before Honorable Judge Justin Wright sole Judge of said court and continued form day to day before the same Judge until thursday the fourth judicial day of s??? term , the Clerk lay before the Court the renounciation of the widow, the petition of the Administrator and the bond of the said Adminstrator filed at the ----- Clerk in vacation Since the last term of this court all of which are approved of by the Court and the letters of Administration in the behalf granted by the Clerk in all things confirmed And this ???? is contiued A I

And afterwards, towit: On friday the fifth day of this term aforsaid of the court aforesiad the Clerk now lay before the court the following Inventgory and Appraisal fo the personal Estate of the said Joseph Ross deceased ammounting to the sum of $______ total.

"An Inventory and appraisment full and complete of the personal Estate, goods, chattels, rights, credits, monies and effects which were of Joseph Ross sd late of Fayette County Indiana at the time of his death so far as the same have as yet come to the knowledge of the Administrator except the interest of the deceased in a Store at Alquina, taken and made by Samuel K. Ross, the adminstrator of the said decedent's personal Estate, with the assistance of Stephen Golden and James Newland, two respectful freeholders of the neighborhood in which said Joseph Ross resided.

Articles Appraised $. cts
1 Sorel 1.00 1 Sugar Kettle 1.20
Do Kettle & bail 2.00
Do Kettle 1.75
1 Skillet 0.75
1 Oven & Lid 1.00
1 Teakettle 0.62½
1 Stewkettle 0.62½
1 Big Wheel 2.00
1 Churn .25
1 Armed chair .50
9 Chairs 3.50
2 buckets 0.75
1 Small Tub 0.27½
1 Pair Andirons 0.25
1 Little Wheel 0.20
1 Pot Tramble 0.20
1 Big Wheel 0.25
1 Big Wheel 2.00
1 Small Wash Tub .50
1 Lot Old Barrels & bags 3.00
1 Liths? and Sled 2.00
1 Ditch Scythe & ??? 1.75
Articles Appraised $. cts
1 Kitchen table 1.00
1 Breakfast table 2.35
1 Table 2.50
1 Rifle Gunn 5.00
1 Do Gun 15.00
1 Clock & Case 12.00
1 Cupboard & all the cupboard ware 12.00
1 Looking glass 0.20
1 Large Server 1.00
1 Small Server 0.37
1 Tin Trunk 1.22
1 Side Saddle 2.00
1 Little Wheel 0.50
1 Sugar Tub 0.63
1 Mans Saddle 8.00
1 Bureau 1.00
1 Bed & bedding 13.00
1 Trunnel bedstead bed & bedding 9.50
1 Cross cut Saw 5.00
1 Set of Bits & Bridles & brichers 8.37
1 Halterchair & collar 5.75?
12 Head of sheep at 87½ cts per head 10.00
13 Head of sheep at 87½ cts per head 11.27
10 Head of hogs at $6.50 a head 65.00
73 Head of Hogs at $9.00 a head 657.00
1 Loom & Read 6.00
1 Pair Andirons 0.50
2 Flatirons 0.20
1 Wagon 22.00
1 Brown yearling Steer 6.00
1 Red & White calf 2.00
1 Brown calf with a white face 2.00
1 Red & White Steer 6.00
1 Calf 2.00
1 Red & White calf 2.00
1 Red Bull calf 6.00
1 Black & White calf 3.00
1 Red calf with a White face 15.00
1 Brown cow 12.00
1 Black & White cow 10.00
1 Brindle cow with a white face 15.00
1 Speckled Cow 10.00
1 Red Speckled Cow 12.00
1 Red Pided cow 11.00
1 Bay Mare 57.50
1 Gray Mare 15.00
1 Gray colt 30.00
1 Bay mare & colt 30.00
38 Shoats at $1.50 each 57.00
20 Head of Geese at 12½ cts each 2.50
60 Head of Geese at 12cts each 7.50
1 Field of corn containing 9 acres 36.00
at $4.00 per acres -----
1 Shovel 0.60
10 Acres of corn at 4 dollars per acre 40.00
8 Acres of corn at 6 dollars per acre 48.00
1 Wheat fan 12.00
1 Cutting box & knife 1.50
1 Peacock Plough 1.00
2 Hogshead 0.75
1 Half bushel 0.12
1 Pick fork 0.25
1 Lot of rye in the Sheaf 2.00
1 Lot of Wheat by the bushel at 75 cts
per bushel supposed to be 25 bushels 18.75
1 Lot of Hay on the Stable Loft 4.00
Do to Hay 1.00
Do to Hay 1.50
1 Shovel Plough & clovis 1.75
1 Shovel Plough & clovis 1.25
1 Shovel Plough & clovis 1.25
1 Pair of one horse Strechers 0.62½
1 Singletree 0.50
1 Two horse Strecher 0.62½
1 Axe 1.35
1 Pair Sheep Shears 0.75
1 Note? of ham 35.00
1 Musket 0.75
1 Stillworm 0.87½
1 Coffee Mill 0.50
1 Bull Plough Irons 0.75
1 Pair Doubletrees 1.12½

State of Indiana, Fayette County }}S.S.
Be it remembered tht on the 27th day of October A.D. 1836 personally appeared before me William Beckett a Justice of the Peace of Jackson Township in said County Samuel K. Ross Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Ross ?? deceased, Stephen Golden & James Newland Appraisers fo said Estate and being by me duly sworn the said the Said Stephen and James upon their solemn Oath say that this above and foregoing is a just and and true inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels rights and credits, moneys and affects of said decedent as shown to them by the Administrator. And so much thereof as was proper to be appraised was them Appraised at its fair value according to their judgments. and the said Samuel K. Ross Administratory as aforesaid upon his Oath aforesaid say that the above and foregoing is a true inventory of all the persoanl Estate of said deceased so far as the same has come to his hands to be administered except the interest of the deceased in a Store at Alquine. -- And further they say not. -- James Newland, Stephen Golden, Samuel K. Ross
Sworn and ???? to before me William Beckett a Justice of the Peace of Jackson Township this 29th day of Oct. 1836.
Wm Beckett J.P. ((SEAL))
Which being seen and inspected by the Court is approved of and ordered to
Page 479
Joseph Ross Estate continued

be filed and recorded and the said adminstrator to stand and give ??? the sum of $25.00 the note of hand named in said inventory And through the said Adminstrator filed the following Inventtory of Articles selected by the Widow on account of the one hundred dollar allowed her by law take
"Articles of the personal property of the Estate of Joseph Ross taken by Sarah Ross the widow of said Joseph on account of the one hundred dollars allowed her by law as such widow of said Joseph deceased, taken by her at the time of the appraisement and at the appraised value thereof towit --

Articles Selected Value
One Gray mare $15.00
One Gray colt 30.00
One Bureau 1.00
One Cupboard and all the cupboard ware 12.00
One clock & case 12.00
One Black & White Cow 10.00
One Red Pided Cow 11.00
One Trundle Bed Stead Bed & Bedding 4.00
Total 100.00

I Sarah Ross Widow and relict of Joseph Ross ??? late of Fayette County, Indiana do hereby acknowledge that I have received each and being of the foregoing Articles of the personal Estate of the said descedent on account the One Hundred Dollars allowed me by law as such widow and that the same were selected by me and delivered to me by Samuel K. Ross the Adminstrator of said Estate at the time of the Appraisement and at the Appraisement value thereof.

Witnessed my hand this 28th day of October A.D. 1836 her
Sarah X Ross

Attest. S.W. Parker. --- Which being Seen by this Court is approved of and ordered to be filed and recored , And the Said Adminstrator also filed the following Inventory of Persoanl Property Selected by the Widow aforesaid on account of her third amounting to the sum of $305.87½ towit.
"Schedule of Property Selected by Sarah Ross widow of Joseph Ross ??/[s late of Fayette Coutny, Indiana deceased. List of the personal Estate of said decedent on account of her one third parte, agreeably to the State in such ????

Articles Selected Value.
10 Head Hogs at $6.50 cts a head 65.00
38 Shoates at $1.50 cts each 57.00
12 Head of Sheep at 87½ 10.50
20 Head of Geese at 12½ each 2.50
Kitchen Table 1.00
Breakfast Table 2.25
Do ??? Table 2.00
1 Armed Chair .50
9 Chairs 3.50
1 Sugar Kettle 1.00
Do Kettle and Bail 2.00
Do Kettle .40
1 Churn .25
Oven & Lid 1.00
Tea Kettle .63

Page 480
Joseph Ross Estate Continued

1 Stew Kettle .62½
Buckets .75
1 Small Tub .47½
1 Pair Andirons .25
Small Wash Tub .50
Looking Glass .25
Small [Server or Larver] .37
Tin Trunk .25
Side Saddle 2.00
Sugar Tub .62½
One Bed and Bedding 13.00
One Bed Stead & ??? .75
One Loom 6.00
One pair Andirons 6.50
2 Flat irons .50
One Red and White Steer 6.00
10 Acres of Corn at 4 Dollars per acre 40.00
8 Acres of Corn at 6 Dollare per acre 48.00
One Wheat Fan 12.00
2 Hogsheads .75
Lot of Wheat by the Bujshel at 75 cts per bus.
supposed to be 25 Bushels 18.75
One pair Sheep Shears .75
Total 303.87½

I Sarah Ross Widow of Joseph Ross test?? late of Fayette County Indiana deceased to herby acknowledge the receipt of each of the foregoing articles on account of the one third of the Estate of the said decedent agreably to the law in such case provided the same being selected at the time of the appraisement and at the appraisement value and delivered to me by Samuel K. Ross the Administor of the said decedent to whom I have given a satisfactory refunding Bond as required by law.
Attest S.W. Parker Witnesses my hand her
Sarah X Ross
Which also being examined by the Court is approved and Ordered to be filed and recoreded and the Said Administrator to Stand charged therewith. And the said Adminstastro also files the following accounting of Sales of the Personal Property of said decedent amunting to the sum of $1308.56¼ towit:

The following is a list of the Personal Estate of Joseph Ross since deceased and sold under my notice at the Administrators of said decedent on the 29th of October A.D. 1836. M.R. Hull

Property Sold Purchased by $ . c
One Shovel John Riggs .93¾
One Do Sephen Golden .56¼
One Sugar Kettle Elsandale 1.50
One Spider? & Lid Sarah Ross .51
One Wool Wheel Emily Ross 2.00
One Cider Barrel Henry J. Ross .50
One Do Do Sarah Ross .50
One meal tub Sarah Ross .25

Page 481
Joseph Ross Estate Continued
One wool wheel Jane Ross 5.00??
One Flax wheel Sarah Ross .57½
One port tramal Denton Riggs 1.00
One wool wheel Eyson Collins .25
One grass sycthe Henry J. Ross 1.50
One ditch Scythe Henry J. Ross 1.49
One rifle gune Henry J. Ross 16.00
One Tea Server Emily Ross 1.00
One Rifle gun David Eyestone 6.51¼
One flax wheel Sarah Ross .12½
One Short musket Stephen Golden .43¼
One man saddle Henry J. Ross 8.12
One crosscut saw Benj. Ross 6.20
One lot horse gear? Henry J. Ross 8.20
One Halter chain Temple Taylor .91¾
One Copper Stillworm Lewis Monges? 1.00
One Coffee Mill Sarah Ross .25
One Plough Shear (Bull) Ezra Collins .75
One pair Stetchers Jesse Shaw 1.00
One pair Doubletrees Jnp. Bowman 1.12¼
One Shovel plough Henry J. Ross 1.25
One Do Do Stetcher Henry J. Ross 1.43½
One shovel plough Ezra Collins 1.43¾
One Singletree Jesse Shaw .55
Eleven head of sheep at
1.56¼ per head Wm. Kelley 17.18¾
One yearling Steer Brown Wm. Becket 10.07
One calf white face Wm. Cork 6.62
One calf black Jno. Bell 3.00
Onecalf (white back)steer Jno. Bell 3.12
One calf(white back)heifer Jno. Bell 3.87
One calf (whie back) Do Jno. Bell 3.60
One yearling steer (speckled back) Benjamin Handon 5.51
One Bull calf (pided?) Reuben Louderback 14.12
One pale red cow white face Jane Ross 15.00
One pale brindle white face Emily Ross 15.00
One red Speckled cow David Lynch 23.06¼
One white specked cow Jno. O'Briant 17.31¼
One Brown cow Johnson Woods 15.00
One bay mare Sarah Ross 50.00
One three year old filly Wison Stout 38.12
Seventy Seven head hogs at $12.07
per head William Becket 939.39
One four horse waggon Henry J. Ross 30.00
One cuttling box Henry J. Ross 1.43¼
Ond Peacock Plough Henry J. Ross 8.89½
One Pitchfork Joseph Wright .15
One half bushel Benjamin Woodberry .18
One Lot of Rapier mow Henry J. Ross 1.50
One chopping axe Henry J. Ross 1.50

Page 482
Joseph Ross Estate Continued
One Do Do Henry J. Ross 1.91?
Sixty eight head of Geese @.25 David Honeyman 17.00
One lot of hay in ???? Henry J. Ross 5.31½
One Do Do Do Henry J. Ross 1.37
One Do Do Do Henry J. Ross 1.75
Total Amount of Sale 1308.56½

State of Indiana }}
Fayette County }} SS. Be it remembered that on this 13thth day of November 1836 personally appeared before me Isaac Lewiston a Justice of the Peace and for said county, Mathew R. Hull a man of lawful age who having been by me duly Sworn, upon his oast says that he was selected by Samuel K. Ross the Admistrator of Joseph Ross Ss?? late of said county deceased to act as tthe clerk at the sale of said decedents personal Estate that he did and the foregoing is a full and complete account of the sales of said Estate as by him made. And furthermore that he the said Mathew has no interested in said Estate. and for that this Affiants says not. M.R. Hoel? clk
Sworn and subscribed tobefore me the date listed above written.
Isaac Lewiston, Justice of the Peace (seal)
Which being seen and examined by the Court is approved and ordered to be recorded and this said Adminstrator to Stand charged therewhith Which together with the charges above make a sum total with which the said Administrator ordered to Stand Charged of &1637.43¾. And this matters continues

And afterwards, towith, at the February Term 1837 of said Probate Court Samuel K. Ross adminstator of said Estate now comes and filed bond in a larger personal bond: Three thousand dollars in dischare fo the Order of this Court at its last term And this matter is continued And afterwards, towit, at a term of the Probate Cout aforesaid begun and held at the Court House in Connersville in the Courty and State aforesaid before the Hornorable the judge aforesaids in the second monday and twelth day of February in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred thirty eight and continued from day to day before the same judge until Saturday the Sixth Judiciaial day of said term. The Said Administrator now comes and presents to the Court the following report and exihibit of the affairs of said Estate, towit, State of Indiana, Fayette County}} Probate Court February Term 1838.
To the honable Judge for the Fayette County Probate Court. The designed adminstrator of the estate of Joseph Ross, sr??, late of said county deceased now makes the following report and exhibit in the behalf, towit, by a refference as to the orderbook of said Court for the last November Term thereof it will be seen that the undersigned stands charged in this behalf in the aggregate sum of
The undersigned now charges himself with the rent
of 14 acres of ground for the year 1837. 28.00
Total 1665.43¾

The undersigned has made the following disbursements in this behalf, towit,

1st. G.L. Feacis for Bridle 22.50
2nd. 3th James Hulgan for labor .50
3rd. C.B. Smith for Prof. Services 27.50
4th. Bank at Richmond for decd 110.00
Page 483
Joseph Ross Estate Continued
5th Paid John Sample, Jr. for advertising 5.00
6th Sease Shaw nearby loans 103.00
7th Robert Wilson for hat 4.00
8th Joseph Brown for service 5.00
9th Ephrain Tummis Coffin & o 5.00
10th John Houston upon settlement 20.00
11th James Curnut, Smith work 5.00
12th W.F. Miller med services 1.00
13th Hawkins&Mound, note 21.40
14th Stephen Golding, appraiser 1.00
15th Wm. Dickey, Collectory Tax 1837 7.40
16th R.Cagley Med Bill 8.50
17th S.W. Parker atty for settlement 10.00
18th Wm. Dickey Collector Tax 1837 7.75½
19th John Rigor for Flour 5.13
20th A.O. Hanson for beef 1.02½
21st Miles Larriman Store goods 4.18¾
22nd. M.R. Hull clk of Sale 2.00
23rd. A Bays, Crier of Sale 2.00
24th Robt. Griffis, saddlery 33.00
25th Elisha Bradlafair? due bill 29.81¼
26th George Lebistan Money loaned 100.00
27th Mason & Brown med. bill 4.00
Total disburesements $530.82½
Add the clk fees in full 12.50
Total 543.32½

Leaving against this admin. 1122.11¼

The undersigned suggests that so far as he is aware all the claims against said estate are now ????? paid off and the above amount is to be distributed between the widow & ten heirs some of which heirs have been a division by the deceased. Al of which is respectfully submitted Samuel K. Ross. ???? which it appears that the said adminstrator is chargeable in to towit the sum of $1655.43¾ and that he has paid out and disbursed an account of claims agains said estate and for which he produced satisfactory vouchers to the Court the sume of $543.32½ leaving in his hands at this time for distribution thesume of $1122.11¼. And therefore come Benjamin, Joseph, James, Jane & Emily Ross adult heirs of said decedent by Samuel K. Ross Esq. their attorney and Benjamin as guardian of Jackson, Denton & Susan Ross being the infant heirs of the said Joseph Ross by particulars??? said attorney comes also, and John Houston husband of the late Eliza Houston alias Eliza Ross one of the heirs of the said decedent appared on behalf of the heirs of the said ???? deceased and appearing to the satisfaction of the Court by the agreement that the following adult heirs of said decedent had received each life time of the said deceased the following advancementes, to with, the said James the sum of $120.00, Jane $115.00, Eliza & Houston her husband $110.00 and Emily the sum $38.00 and that Jackson, Denton & Susan has received no advancement which it is therefore ordered by the Court that distributions in this behalf be made as follows, towit, to the widow the sum of $374.03¾ to James, $472 to Jane $46.73½. to the Guardian of the heirs of Eliza Houton late Eliza Ross $80.72½. To Emily $123.72½ and to Jackson, Denton, and Susan the sum of