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Skuldelev 6 was a small vessel, only 39 feet long and 8 feed broad, made of pine. The vessel's sheer strakes, which may have contained oar ports, were not preserved. Consequently, we do not know whether or not this vessel was rowed. The vessel did have a sail, with a very small mast step, resting on only one frame.

There was no deck. Only one level of crossbeams was broad enough for sitting. The ship was neither a warship nor a cargo carrier. The ship might have been a fishing vessel, or a passenger ferry for crossing over a narrow body of water. Like the Skuldelev 1 this was probably built in Norway.

The function of this small ship or large boat is not certain, but its heaving framing shows that it was meant to carry heavy loads.

It is important to note that all of the 8 Viking ships we looked at were all different, while sharing some construction features. the Vikings did not do all of their seafaring in Gokstad-like vessels. One of the keys to their great success as seafares was that they developed a number of different vessel designs to serve a number of special needs.