Analytical Methods Anth 489-501

Class Models

e29bc8f6c22840eb8d644e7915f45863 by dostalc on Sketchfab This a model of a cast of one of the cannon lifting handles from La Belle, a 17th-century french ship

f3394083e1a941448295b0b4509a9465 by dostalc on Sketchfab This is a model of a salt shaker found in the wreckage of the Phoenix II, a 1820 steamship in Lake Champlain

082448f8d8144118bf896177b8d833b4 by dostalc on Sketchfab This is a meat tin from Fort McKavett that was issued to US soldiers during the early 1870s








Example models

These are photogrammetry models made by Fall 2018 students as part of their course work.