Modeling La Belle - Ship and Rig

The construction of two 1:12 scale models of La Belle's hull and rigging formed the basis of Glenn's master's thesis.

Building models of archaeological ships is one of the most interesting aspects of nautical archaeology and is equally informative to the ship specialist. Approximately one-third of the hull of La Belle exists. Using data from excavations of similar ships, archives, paintings, and other sources, a ship modeler is able to make a 'best guess' approximation of the appearance of the superstructure of the hull and the rigging.  

For photographs of the two models in progress, please visit this gallery.

To see the completed Texas A&M model, click here.

To view the model on display at the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, Texas, click here.

Glenn's third Belle model is a 1:6 scale representation of one of the ship's guns, based on the archaeological-recovered material. To view images of the gun model, click here.

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