Historical records for Jamaica are distributed between the Jamaica Public Archives and the Island Record Office, both of which are located in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Records begin with the English occupation of Jamaica in 1655; Spanish records from the period prior to 1655 did not survive.

The probate inventories are housed in the Jamaica Public Archives and, as with the Port Royal wills, are actually transcriptions themselves. The originals were copied in 1839 in an effort to preserve the public records. Apparently, the original inventories were destroyed once the volumes were transcribed. Unfortunately, the transcription of one volume (Volume 4) is missing.

The following selected transcribed probate inventories cover the period from 1674-1716 (Volumes 1-10). They are all of Port Royal residents and were transcribed by graduate students from microfiche copies housed in the Anthropology Department of Texas A&M University. An equal number of wills and inventories from the other Jamaican parrishes have been transcribed and will be posted at a latter date. Much work still has to be done before all the probate inventories are transcribed and saved in electronic format. (You will notice that by far most of the work has concentrated on Volume 3, since this is the period right before and after the earthquake and thus is of particular interest.) This page will be continually updated as the work proceeds.

I should be noted that there is a wide ranges of inventories. Most are of adult males, but a number of inventories of women are present. Likewise there are a number of wills and inventories of the Jewish population of Port Royal. In most instances these are apparent from the Portuguese surmames. At least one will was written in Portuguese. There are also a number of Dutch surnames present.

NOTE: Some of the transcribed inventories below have a link to their respective transcribed will

VOLUME 1: 1674-1678

VOLUME 2: 1679-1686

Bradstreet, Samuel 1683

Briscoe, Beaumont 1685

VOLUME 3: 1686-1694

Alder, Thomas 1689

Allen, Hope 1690

Atkins, Aron 1693

Atwell, William 1692/3

Baldwin, Alexander 1687

Barre, Charles 1689

Bedow, Joseph 1690

Belsher, William 1689

Bennett, Richard 1693

Benning, Simon 1687/8

Bloom, Laurence 1693

Booker, Charles 1688

Bowden, John 1699

Bright, Joshua 1690

Brock, William 1690

Brown, Eleanor 1689

Brown, Peter 1689/90

Buckley, Thomas 1693

Burne, Andrew 1686

Carter, Thomas 1693/4

Cheston, Edward 1688

Collins, Constance 1688

  Coulson, Samuel 1689

Coward, Henry 1686

Coxen, Penelope 1692/3

Cransbrough, Nicholas 1690/1

Cresso, Charles 1688

Davis, William 1689

Dayly, Darcas 1686

De Lucena, Moses 1692/3

Diggins, George 1689/90

Diggins, William 1693

Ducloise, Stephen 1689/90

Egleton, Henry 1687

Elkin, George 1686

Elkin, Isaac 1689

Ellis, Thomasine 1690

Floyer, John 1687

Garrat, Lawrence 1689

Gifford, Judith 1692/3

Gonsales, Isaac 1692/3

Greenfield, Richard 1689/90

Griffin, John 1693

Hall, John 1686 

Harris, Elizabeth 1692/3

Harris, George 1688

Hazell, Prissila 1692/3

Heath, Thomas 1693

Hennekyne, John 1693

Hephy, Daniell 1693

 Hewitt, Thomas 1693

Hickes, Daniell 1689

Hickes, John 1689

Hill, Mary 1692/3

Hill, Solamon 1692/3

Hilliard, Thomas 1692/3

Hilliard, Thomas 1693

Holder, William 1693

Howard, Robert 1689/90

Howry, Robert 1693

Hubbard, Willliam 1692/3

Innes, John 1693/4

Jaymes, William 1689/90

Jennings, John 1688

Jennings, John 1688

Kent, John 1688

Lemings, James 1689

Lewis, John 1686

Ludlow, William 1692/3

Lynch, James 1689

Marbury, Thomas 1693

Mason, Nathaniel 1689/90

Mays, Augustin 1696

Molen, Anthony 1693

Moone, Thomas 1689

Moore, William 1688

Moore, William 1689

Moore, William 1689/90

Morgan, Sir Henry 1689

Narvais, Isaac 1687

Neal, William 1689/90

Newberry, Jobe1689/90

  Newell, Charles 1689/90

Phillips, George 1693/4

Phipps, John 1693/4

Pocock, Thomas 1689

Podley, John 1689/90

Rand, Robert 1689

Randolph, Francis 1687

Reeves, Edmond 1692/3

Rice, Lewis and
Hill, Thomas 1692/3

Richardson, Dorothy 1687

Roberts, John 1691

Robinson, William 1687

Rodriguez De Lossa, Isaac 1692/3

Samyne/Samine, Peter 1689

Saunders, John 1690

Scroope, Robert 1692/3

Sharpe, Laurence 1693

Shefford, John 1690

Smith, Ralph 1690

Smith, Thomas 1689

Smith, William 1688

Snell, Thomas 1693/4

Stichbury, Thomas 1689

Tillie, Jeremiah 1693

Trussell, Nicolas 1677

Tull, John 1689/90

Turner, William 1693

Tyler, William 1692/3

Walker, Robert 1688

Ward, Henry 1693

Warner, Josia 1688

Way, Richard 1692/3

Weenan, Adam 1690

White, Robert 1689

Whitney, William 1692/3

Wildboro, John 1688

Willis, Richard 1692/3

Willmaott, John 1694

Woods, Jonathan 1692/3

Wyatt, William 1688


VOLUME 5: 1699-1701

Bradshaw, James 1701

VOLUME 6: 1702-1705

Brewer, Richard 1702/3

VOLUME 9: 1706-1711

Lewis, John 1706

VOLUME 10: 1712-1716

Addang, William 1716

Courtney, Peter 1714

Crosby, William 1712

David, John 1715

Gibbens, John 1716

Lawrence, James 1716

Sleigh, Richard 1716

Tilliard, Henry 1716

Wade, Henry 1713

Misc. Non-Port Royal Inventories

Hamilton, James 1699



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