Historical Analysis of Pewter Spoons Recovered from the Sunken City of Port Royal, Jamaica

Drinking Glasses from Port Royal, Jamaica, circa 1660-1850: A Study of Styles and Usage

Pewter and Pewterers from Port Royal, Jamaica: Flatware Before 1692

Wrought Iron Hand Tools in Port Royal, Jamaica: A Study Based Upon a Collection of the Tools Recovered from Archaeological Excavations and on Tools Listed in the Probate Inventories of Colonial Port Royal, c. 1692

Jamaican Red Clay Tobacco Pipes

The Probate Inventories of Port Royal, Jamaica

An Analysis of the Port Royal Shipwreck and its Role in the Maritime History of 17th-century Port Royal, Jamaica

The Analysis of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century Ceramics from Port Royal, Jamaica: A Study in Archaeotoxicology

Analysis of the Weight Assemblage of Port Royal, Jamaica

Chinese Porcelain and 17th-century Port Royal, Jamaica

The Study and Analysis of the Kaolin Clay Tobacco Pipe Collection from the 17th-Century Archaeological Site of Port Royal, Jamaica

Analysis of the Hollowware Pewter from Port Royal, Jamaica

Household Ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1692: The Building 4/5 Assemblage

Analysis and Reconstruction of Impermanent Structures of the 17th and 18th Centures

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