Cais do Sodré Ship

Lisbon, Portugal

Citation information: Filipe Castro, "The Cais do Sodré Ship",, last updated in February 2008.


Research Model

During the summers of 2001 and 2002 two teams of students from the Texas A&M University Nautical Archaeology Program helped produce a full set of drawings of each floor timber preserved on the Cais do Sodré hull.

Fig. 1 - Frames at a 1/20 scale.

These drawings were then inked, scanned, and graphically treated in a computer, in order to be printed to any particular scale.

In 2003 they were printed at a 1/20 scale and used to cut a set of frames in soft wood.

Since the futtocks have not yet been recorded, it was not possible to advance this study further.

A keel was fashioned from the site plan. No rabbets were opened because this model was only intended to receive a set ribbands.


Fig. 2 - Stern section of the shipwreck.


Fig. 3 - Bow section of the shipwreck.


These 1/20 scale floor timbers of the Cais do Sodré shipwreck were then mounted on a keel with individual aluminum pins.


Fig. 4 - Floor timbers mounted on the keel.


Fig. 5 - View from the stern.


Fig. 6 - Another view from the stern.


Fig. 7 - View from the bow.


Once faired, these frames were planned to be linked with ribbands running at particular hights, using a number of carpenter marks .

As soon as the drawings of the preserved futtocks will be ready the model will be completed.