Underwater Archaeological Team - 1998

Angra C and Angra D project


From Portugal:

Francisco Alves, Catarina Garcia, Paulo Monteiro, Rui Teixeira, Hugo Brito ,

Joćo Vaz , Miguel Correia, Madalena Correia, Miguel Aleluia, Paulo Rodrigues, Cristina Lima


From Catalunya, Spain:

David Heredia, Paco Romero, Xavi Aguelo



From France:

Joćo Alves


From Canada:

Erik Phaneuf



From Italy:

Federica Callegari



From USA:

Collin O' Bannon



 External Consultants:

Peter Waddell - Parks Canada

Kevin Crisman - Institute of Nautical Archaeology

Eric Rieth - CNRS, France