Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Lecture Series


Francisco C. Domingues


February 2007


by Bryana DuBard


  Dr. Francisco Contente Domingues visited Texas A&M University, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, and the Nautical Archaeology Program (NAP) in February 2007, as part of the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Lecture Series (CMAC).  He currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Lisbon and is an adjunct professor at Texas A&M. Author of a multitude of books concerning Portuguese activities during the Age of Expansion, Dr. Domingues is considered one of the leading scholars in Portuguese maritime history.
The purpose of his visit to College Station was to meet with NAP students and professors to discuss current trends in the study of Portuguese history and to establish a network of researchers interested in Portuguese seafaring. In addition to a dinner hosted by Dr. Filipe Vieira de Castro and his family, Dr. Domingues offered a lecture to present his views on the subject.

Dr. Domingues summarizes the current trends in Portuguese maritime scholarship. Photo: Mark Polzer

At the CMAC lecture, Dr. Domingues introduced themes within the field of Portuguese maritime history which he believes require further exploration.
These included shipbuilding technology, nautical cartography, nautical science, economic history, and biographies, as a whole, in Portugal. He encouraged students to take advantage of the research potential of these topics by providing an inventory of resources available to researchers on the internet and in numerous archives in Europe. He also comprised a list of possible journals in which to publish articles as well as a directory of agencies offering funding opportunities.
With an overwhelming willingness to assist scholars and share his wealth of knowledge, the working relationship between the students and Dr. Domingues will undoubtedly continue to facilitate the exchange and compilation of information relating to Iberian seafaring and further serve to enhance our understanding of the subject.