The Nautical Archaeology Program has organized a Summer School in Lagos, Portugal, during the month of June of 2006, with the support of the City of Lagos, a city with a long seafaring tradition and the place where Prince Henry the Navigator lived and planned the first efective steps of the Portuguese expansion overseas, which lead to the discovery of a maritime route to India.

The 2006 summer school was the first step of a series of actions to be developed at Lagos by Texas A&M University, in a cooperative plan expressed by a Memorandum of Agreement signed this year between the Municipality of Lagos and Texas A&M University.

In 2007 the Lagos Project became the core of a much wider project, which has gathered the support of some of the most important centers and institutions dedicated to the study of Portuguese seafaring and Portuguese history of shipbuilding. Numerous events have been organized around Lagos' Centro de Estudos Gil Eanes, and more events are planned to take place in the coming years.

The objective of the Lagos Project is the study, protection and publication of the maritime history of Lagos region. The wider cooperation between several universities and institutions aims at the study of the Portuguese maritime history.


Lagos Summer School 2006

City of Lagos


June 2006 - Curso de Verão - Descobrimentos Ibéricos e Arqueologia Náutica

June 2007 - 2.o Curso de Verão - Histórias da Náutica

Other Events Organized or Sponsored by Lagos Municipality:

April 2007 - Shipping Efficiency and Economic Growth 1350-1800

July 2007 - Book Launching: O Naufrágio da Nau Santo Alberto by Dr. Glória de Santana Paula

September 2007 - Curso Livre: Arqueologia e Aparelho do Navio

April 2008 -

Direcção de Projecto Ciência e Descobrimentos / Câmara Municipal de Lagos

Texas A&M University Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation

Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa

Centro de Estudos do Mar da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa


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