The Mary Terrell Project

The Mary Terrell was a rowing skiff used to rescue farmers in the beginning of the twentieth century, on the Brazos River.
It was built in 1914 with beautiful 56 cm (22 in.) cypress boards and four oarlocks. Later it was provided with an engine and a propeller.
In 1998 it was recorded by the first-year students of the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University, at the Terrel Plantation, under the direction of Dr. Fred Hocker:
  Ayse Devrim Atauz

  Erkut Arkac
  Sarah Brigadier
  Adam Kane
  Nancy G. DeBono
  Shih-han (Sam) Lin
  Travis Mason
  Sara Keyes
  Filipe Castro
  Dan Walker
  Stephanie Judjahn

Fig. 1 - Recording the Mary (photo: )


 Fig. 2 - Mary - Lines Drawing


 Fig. 3 - Mary - Plans


 Fig. 4 - Mary - Sections

Soon afterwards it was donated to the Brazos Valley Museum by Bill Terrell, son of J.P. Terrell, and nephew of Mary Terrell, after whom the ship was named.

I am looking for a student who wants to write the history of this boat!



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