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Arade 1 Project



Exposed during dredging operations in 1970, the Arade 1 shipwreck was photographed and inspected by amateur archaeologists during the subsequent summers. Since there were very few artifacts, this wreck was quickly forgotten and left abandoned. During the decade that followed the Arade 1 hull slowly decayed, broke flat, and was covered by sediments. In the summer of 2001 the now extinct Centro Nacional de Arqueologia Náutica e Subaquática (CNANS), which was at the time the Portuguese agency for Nautical Archaeology, invited Texas A&M and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology to co-direct a project of survey and excavation of several sites on the mouth of the Arade River, near the city of Portimão, in Portugal. The Arade 1 shipwreck was located and an agreement was secured with the local municipality (and museum) for a long-term project, designated ProArade. Our proposal for the realization of a field school was accepted as part of the larger project.

This webpage pertains to the 2002 season at the Arade River.

College Station, October 2002
Filipe Castro


From the 2002 Report




1. Historical Background

2. Description of the Site

3. Shipwrecks

4. Arade 1 and 2 Shipwrecks

5. Arade 1

6. Arade 2

7. Arade 6

8. Artifacts

9. Bibliography


Arade 1 Excavation


10. Field Season '02

11. Arade 1 Excavation

12. Hull Description

13. Keel

14. Stem Post

15. Keelson

16. Frames

17. Apron

18. Planking

19. Ceiling

20. Fillers

21. Fastenings

22. Caulking

23. Pump

24. Hull Shape

25. Lower Portion of the Hull

26. Maststep

27. Fillers

28. Pump

29. Scattered Timbers

30. Wood Species

31. Rigging Elements

32. Cargo

33. Artifacts

34. Concretions

35. Conclusions


Further inquiries about this project should be directed to IGESPAR (http://www.igespar.pt/)

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