In May 2007, an archaeological crew from the Departments of Oceanography and Anthropology from Texas A&M University, in cooperation with archaeologists from Minerals Management Service, conducted an excavation on an early 19th-century shipwreck 4016 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico. This web site will present a series of web site reports on the conservation and analysis of the material recovered from the site.


with links to crew, partners, artifacts, daily log, research plan, history, pictures, and videos served from the University of Florida.



Final Report (79 MB PDF):

Final Report

For information on artifacts from the Mardi Gras Shipwreck, and the ongoing conservation work being conducted at the Conservation Reseach Laboratory, please visit the following links:

Conservation and Identification of the Mardi Gras Shipwreck Artifacts

Conservation of the Mardi Gras Shipwreck Stern Encrustation

Ongoing Conservation of the Mardi Gras Shipwreck Artifacts and Encrustation

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